We know…

we know that our current way of life is not sustainable; that the ecological system is labile; we know that the problems are vast and that they affect all of us; we know that we are all responsible for them;

we know that we need to rethink the future; we have an essential role in this as designers and artists; and we know that it requires a new attitude;

we know that ideas are not enough, we have to act; we know that we have to act where it is really needed; we know that we can achieve great impact with small interventions; we know that we can make the world more sustainable.






Bori Fehér

architect and social designer, co-founder of MOME EcoLab. Her main interest is examining possibilites of resilience and adaptation in social innovation design. Bori also works as a research fellow at MOME, where she manages the university’s international research and development programmes.


Andrea Schmidt

economist and sociologist, senior lecturer at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Desgin Budapest. As a researcher her main interests are education-sociology and knowledge-management. She is the scientific director of MOME EcoLab.

Dániel Barcza

the vice rector of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). He teaches sustainable design, social design and ecology on Master courses and at the Doctoral School. He’s also co-founder of the sustainability research group, MOME EcoLab.



Rita Szerencsés

project manager of MOME EcoLab, also responsible for the coordination of Cloudfactory. Rita got her MA degree on art and design management in 2015 at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). Currently she’s also the project manager of MOME’s Institute of Architecture. She’s attended several social projects since her high school years.



Viola Bálintarchitecture studentAttila Mileticsproduct designer student
Veronika Burányfashion designer studentAnna Misovicsocial design expert
Janka Csernákproduct designerDóra Némethproduct designer student
Angéla Gógfood designerRenáta Pomáziarchitecture student
Nikolett Hódiproduct designer studentVince Rudolfarchitecture student
Ágnes Jakabfashion designer studentDiána Santana Cadenaarchitecture student
Fanni Kákóczkiproduct designer studentDorottya Seengerarchitecture student
Dávid Korándisociology studentIldikó Simonfalviproject manager
Mónika Kovácsgraphics studentÁron Szabóarchitecture student
Nóra Költődesign manager studentMarcell Szodfridtarchitecture student
Máté Kudararchitecture studentFerenc Vértesiarchitecture student
Nikolett Kustosphotography student  



Tibor BenkőZsolt GuntherÉva KubinyiPéter Pettendi Szabó
Sára BercziczaÁgnes HerrAndrás LőrincziNóra Regös
Péter BokorKatalin HolányiZsuzska MészárosEszter Révész
Csinszka CserhátiVica HolbEdit NagyEdit Szabó
Nóra DemeczkySimon HukayaBálint NérayÉva Tornyánszki
Sára EmberÁgnes JekliJúlia OraveczÁron Vass-Eysen
Tamás ErdélyiEszter KollárBalázs OrlaiEszter Vay-Farkas
Rita FodorBori KovácsPanni Pais