Long-Term Engagement: The Cloudfactory – Bori Fehér & Daniel Barcza

“Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) and the WdKA intent to learn from each other in connecting social arts and design education with practice. MOME recognised that to build a university for the 21st century means breaking down the walls of the elitist ivory tower and reaching out towards real problems and communities. Based on the experiences of Cloudfactory project, a continuous physical presence in the center of social challenges is essential in social design education. Cloudfactory Field Lab, a research center in remote Bodvaszilas that MOME plans to build in the next years, might be a much smaller scale development than the one in the Budapest campus. However in terms of impact on social design education in Hungary, it will be equal or perhaps even bigger.”

 „How to make it work – Bori Fehér

In the summer of 2011 a group of dedicated students and young professionals from MOME EcoLab, the sustainability research group of Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest in Hungary, travelled to the remote Bodva valley, one of the poorest regions of Europe, to meet and help local Roma communities living in extreme poverty. The aim of the visit was to start a long-term social design project which would have relevant impacts. After four years of multiple failures, dozens of dead-ends and lots of work, the group is just about ready to understand “how to make it work”.”