Cloudfactory is a social design workshop, where kids living in extreme poverty can work together with young designers, fashion designers, architects, photographers and graphic artists in Bódva Valley, one of the poorest regions of Hungary, Central-Eastern Europe.
Anything can be produced in the Cloudfactory: children furniture, pothole proof skateboards or a collapsible herb garden, following the needs of the kids. It can produce personal career plans and future perspectives for communities. It helps to create brave young people, poor and not poor, designers and non-designers, who dare to face social problems.
The project is initiated by MOME EcoLab, the sustainability research group of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME), in partnership with the local primary school of Bódvaszilas. Cloudfactory is an experiment to open new perspectives in changing social problems with the power of creativity and design thinking.




BódvaPack is a product family designed to ensure the basic needs of children living in deep poverty. The products are cheap, easy to use, durable, can be repaired on site, creative and lovable. The creation of the product family originated from the fact that in the Bódva Valley, every third child is lacking the basic conditions needed for a safe childhood (living conditions, hygiene, nutrition, information).

The local families living in extreme poverty in the Bódva Valley are involved in the development of the products.
In 2015/2016, the idea of the BódvaPack product family was born, the first pack of which concentrates on the issues of sleeping in order to ensure the necessary conditions for protected, quality sleep.

The contents of the pack: 1 small bed, 1 baby carrier, 1 carry-cot, 1 blanket, 4 multifunctional toys
The pack can be adapted to urban conditions.

Timeline of the development of the next packs:

2017 – Health – basic tools that ease the bathing and diapering of babies.

2018 – Nutrition – information on the appropriate nutrition of children, and products that ensure healthy eating

2018 – Development and knowledge transfer – functional objects for mothers focusing on education on bringing up children.




MOME EcoLab launched a long-term social development project in the summer of 2012 in Bódvalenke, one of the most underprivileged towns in Hungary. The aim of the project is to develop products, tools, services and economic models built upon local resources that help families living in deep poverty earn their own income. The first stage of the multi-year program was a week-long summer camp organised by the Lab in cooperation with sociology and economics students of Széchenyi István College. The result of this intensive work was a set of fruit and mushroom drying frames that can be assembled from simple materials; a packaging system for the dried products and the PluszOK brand, that can function as an umbrella brand for marketing the finished products. The completed tools and objects were exhibited at the Slow Design exhibition of Budapest Design Week.

News and more information can be found on the project’s website.

Partners: Széchenyi István College, Bódvalenke Freskófalu projekt.

Location: Bódvalenke, Hungary




Sustainable redesign.

The Tower (“Infernal Tower”) is an extremely decayed tower building in Veszprém where poor, marginalised families live without basic supplies. Joining the development project of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta that aims to advance the building and the community, MOME EcoLab reassessed the sustainability of the building’s functions, and devised the construction of living and community spaces with sizes of 17m2. The conceptual suggestions took into consideration the social, the ecological and also the economical aspect of sustainability. Accordingly, a proposal was made for the utilisation of the upper floors (social housing, community spaces, communal workshops, education centre, business development office, gardening balcony and biological habitat) and the shaping of indoor areas (energy efficient apartment organisation, low-budget furnishing, community kitchen).

Partners: Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, 3H Architect Studio

Location: Veszprém, Hungary